Re-Introducing Humanitarian Prayers in 2020

Humanitarian Prayers is a Catholic blog intended to raise awareness of and encourage people to pray for those affected by humanitarian crises. It started out in January 2018 when I, Fouad Abou-Rizk, thought, “What if I can get more people to pray?”

Praying for those affected by international crises is something I had been doing for a while, and I was looking for a way to encourage people to pray for those whose difficulties they may not have been aware of. More people praying can only be a good thing. I started writing on and later transitioned to an independent website which you are on right now.

I had written almost seventy-five posts in a little over a year with prayer intentions for accompanied by information about current crises occurring around the world. I also wrote commentary pieces addressing humanitarian issues through Catholic, moral, and legal perspectives. My father is an immigrant and I have a passion to advocate for refugees and forcibly displaced persons.

In March 2019 I wrote my last post and took a lengthy pause from my blog, but now I intend to get back to it. If you like what I have to say, please subscribe with your email below and share my posts with your family, friends, or online followers.

You can expect more prayers and more commentary in the future.

Notable past posts include:

Mass Migration, Compassion, Catholic Social Teaching, and International Law

Humanitarian Prayers’ Second Mission: Education and Awareness

Why Praying for the Needs of Others Matters

Loving Your Global Neighbor

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