Prayers for Venezuela’s Humanitarian Crisis, Extreme Poverty and Hunger— 059

Join me today in praying for those affected by a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela that has placed millions without sufficient food. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am a Catholic who is passionate about international crisis relief. I write Humanitarian Prayers to encourage people to pray for those suffering most in our world.


I pray that those in power in the government of Venezuela will put the needs of the common person first. I pray that economic stability will come to the country and that the massive inflation will stop so that people will be able to afford to buy food to eat.

I pray that food will be available and provided to those who need it, especially children. I pray also that those who need lifesaving and life-sustaining medical care will be able to access it.

I pray especially that mothers will not feel that they have no choice but to abandon their children or give them up for adoption because they cannot support them. Lord, help all the abandoned children feel your love and care.

I pray that Venezuelans who have fled their country will be treated with mercy and compassion. I pray that wherever they go, they will be met by people with resources to help them. I pray that those who have fled to other countries will not be taken advantage of and especially no longer trapped into prostitution.

Notes and Explanations

Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis is different than many others in that it was not created by violence, war, or conflict, but rather poor governance. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and government officials have denied not that the government is at fault, but rather that reporting on the crisis is fabricated, using the now popular term, “fake news.”

As a result of the government system that has been described as fascist, Venezuela has gained an inflation rate of 52,000% in the past year alone, and the International Monetary Fund projected in July that the country’s inflation rate would reach one million percent by the end of 2018.

What does this mean? Essentially, it means that the common person doesn’t have enough money to buy food to eat, clothes to wear or to cover the costs of basic healthcare. Many healthcare facilities are not operational. Due to the lack of food, three-quarters of Venezuelans have lost almost 25 lbs. The government of Venezuela does not allow foreign aid organizations to work in the country.

One of the most saddening aspects of this extreme poverty is that pregnant women and new mothers are giving up their children for adoption because they cannot afford to take care of them. Many older children have been abandoned by their parents who are unable to provide for them.

Over 2.3 million Venezuelans have fled the country in recent years, mostly to neighboring Colombia and Brazil. The influx of migrants has put tremendous strains on bordering communities that host them. Many young Venezuelan women have unfortunately been forced into prostitution.

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