Prayers for Yemen, World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis— 057

Join me today in praying for civilians affected by war in Yemen. Yemen is facing what is regarded as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in 2018. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am a Catholic who is passionate about international crisis relief. I write Humanitarian Prayer to encourage people to pray for those suffering most in our world.


I pray that warring factions in Yemen will cease for the sake of the common person who is suffering so much. I pray that civilians will not continue to be targeted and made victims. I pray that you Lord will put love and peace into the hearts and minds of all who wage war.

I pray that the over 8 million people at risk of starvation will receive sufficient and healthy food to eat to sustain their lives. I pray that the estimated 3 million people suffering from malnutrition will receive the necessary food, nutrition, and care to sustain their lives and to be nursed back to good health.

I pray that those who are internally displaced will be supplied with shelter, food, clean water, healthcare, and other necessities to live a dignified life.

I pray that food and other necessary forms of aid will not continue to be blocked from entering or traveling throughout the country. I pray that the 95,000 Yemeni people who need to travel to other countries to receive life-saving and life-sustaining medical care will be allowed to do so.

Notes and Explanations

What is occurring in Yemen has been known for all of 2018 as the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. 22 million of the country’s 26 million people are in need of humanitarian aid. Over 17 million people are food insecure and over 8.4 million people are at risk of starvation, not knowing where their next meal will come from.

About 3 million people are suffering from malnutrition, with 1.8 million acutely malnourished and 400,000 children under the age of 5 facing severe acute malnutrition, meaning they are at risk of death if they do not receive proper care. 95,000 people are unable to leave the country to receive life-saving and life-sustaining medical care.

Yemen has been facing war since 2014 when a rebel group called the Houthi took over the capital and ousted the legitimate government. A coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is working to defeat the Houthi. Internationally moderated peace efforts have failed. The war is the primary reason for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, as aid workers and organizations are unable to reach many of those in need of care.

Yemen is already the poorest country in the Arab world. About half of the population lives on less than $2 USD per day.

Besides the crisis of the lack of food and basic necessities, over 10,000 Yemeni civilians have been killed in the conflict. In August, an airstrike hit a school bus, killing 40 children and 11 others.

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1 thought on “Prayers for Yemen, World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis— 057”

  1. I love reading your prayers. There is so much going on in the world that I am often unaware of as I go about my day, but your prayers remind me to look outside of myself and my own little bubble. Thank you!

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