Prayers for Migrants, Asylum Seekers, and Refugees—033 

Join me today in praying for migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees from around the world. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am a Catholic who is passionate about international crisis relief. I write Humanitarian Prayers to be an advocate & help people care.

I pray that worldwide, refugees will be treated with mercy and compassion. I pray that wherever they go, they will be met my people with resources to help them.

I pray that refugees and immigrants will not be seen as pests in the countries that they enter. I pray that nationalists of countries that host refugees and migrants will treat their new neighbors with kindness.

I pray that African economic migrants and refugees headings towards Europe will not continue to be faced with the threat and reality of human trafficking and enslavement. I pray that the law enforcement of the countries they travel through, especially Libya, will be able to protect them from violence and abuse.

I pray that African migrants in detention centers in Libya and other northern African countries, as well as in Europe, will be treated humanely.

I pray that asylum seekers fleeing violence in Central America will not continue to be treated as criminals under the legal system when they enter the U.S. I pray that the inhumane policy of separating children from their parents at the border will cease immediately.

I pray that the U.S. government will adopt policies that treat migrants with mercy and compassion. I pray that the U.S. government will hire more employees to deal with the large number of migrants.

I pray that the countries that refugees, asylum seekers, and economic migrants come from will stabilize with peace from war and conflict as well as economically so that people can live decent lives without having to leave their homes.

Notes and Explanations

Migrants from Africa have been facing many challenges on the path to Europe in recent years. A huge threat and reality is human trafficking, especially in Libya.


Asylum seekers by definition are those who come from one country to another seeking protection from war, violence, or persecution. There are thousands of asylum seekers coming to the United States from Central America, specifically Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, countries rampant with gang violence.

When migrants leave those countries, under United States law they can enter the United States and present themselves as asylum seekers. The U.S. government then determines if their claims of needing protection are legitimate and grants them the right to remain in the United States.

That’s how it is supposed to work under our laws. The current administration has changed things. As of May 7th, they are saying that anyone who crosses the border without permission, including asylum seekers, will be prosecuted. This means that asylum seekers are now being treated under the law as illegal immigrants, criminals.


In addition, under new policies of the current administration children of migrants who cross the border without permission, including asylum seekers who intend to present themselves to government officials to request asylum, are being separated from their parents and treated legally as “unaccompanied minors,” even though they did not come alone.

These children can be under two years old and are often sent to other states far away from their parents who are not allowed to communicate with them for days, weeks, or even months. U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions has said that these policies have been put in place to deter immigrants from entering the country illegally, though experts say that the migrants will keep coming.

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