Prayers for Yemen’s Civilians and Rohingya Refugees—026 

Join me today in praying for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, and those suffering from war in Yemen. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am passionate about international crisis relief.

I pray that Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh will be spared from potential devastation during the soon-to-come monsoon season. I pray for conditions in the camps to change so that there will be adequate housing, sanitation, food, clean water, and access to healthcare and counseling to provide for each person.

I pray that pregnant women and new mothers will receive the care they need to have healthy babies. I pray that the potentially thousands of women who were impregnated by rape at the time of their persecution in Myanmar will not seek abortions. I pray that they will see that children are gifts from God, even if they originate from violence and grief.

I pray that there will be adequate medical care and health education at the camps to prevent the spread of communicable diseases and to treat those who are sick. I pray especially that children with diphtheria will be treated to save their lives and be nurtured back to good health.

I pray that each of the Rohingya will encounter the peace of Christ to bear their burdens through interactions with Christian aid workers.

I pray that warring factions in Yemen will cease for the sake of the common person who is suffering so much. I pray that each person at risk of death from starvation and diseases like cholera and diphtheria will be saved.

I pray that aid and trade will be allowed uninhibited access into and travel throughout the entire country. I pray that medical facilities will no longer be targeted and attacked.

I pray that the 22 million of the country’s 26 million people in need of humanitarian aid will receive the care they need to live decent lives. I pray that those who are internally displaced will be provided with shelter, food, clean water, and other necessities.

I pray that the 8 million people at risk of immediate starvation will receive the food they need, and for a great reduction in the preventable deaths of children.

Notes and Explanations

Rohingya refugees are a Muslim minority from Buddhist-majority Myanmar who have been facing extreme persecution from Myanmar’s military since August 2017. Over 700,000 Rohingya have fled to neighboring Bangladesh, mostly in the Fall of 2017. Conditions at their refugee camps are very poor, allowing the spread of infectious disease to a population of people who are largely unvaccinated.

Part of the initial persecution in August and September 2017 included massive amounts of gang rape. Now many of the women are pregnant and close to giving birth. Some women are seeking abortions, and unfortunately some aid organizations, such as MSF/Doctors Without Borders, are providing them.

Diphtheria is a disease that causes extreme swelling in the neck which can cause death, especially in children. Samaritan’s Purse is operating a clinic to treat those with the disease.

The Rohingya refugee camps were built very quickly to accommodate hundreds of thousands of refugees in a period of weeks. Most structures are made of bamboo and the areas have sparse vegetation and a lot of dirt, leaving them very vulnerable to landslides and the spread of water-borne illnesses during Bangladesh’s soon-to-arrive monsoon season. Some refugees are being relocated to safer places.

Yemen has been facing a civil war with international actors since a rebel group called the Houthi took over in 2014. International aid and trade has largely been prevented from entering and traveling throughout the country, leading to a massive risk and reality of starvation and deaths from a lack of healthcare availability.

18 million people are food insecure, and over 8 million do not know where their next meal will come from. Sadly one child under the age of 5 dies from preventable causes ever 10 minutes. Two thirds of girls under 18 are married and 2 million children do not attend schools.

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