Pray for the Central African Republic, Yemen, Rohingya Refugees— 024

Join me today in praying for conflict in the Central African Republic and in Yemen, and for the needs of Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am a Catholic who is passionate about international crisis relief.

I pray that a strong and fair government in the Central African Republic that is able to protect its people from violence will regain control of the 80% of the territory that is currently in control of rebel factions.

I pray that the half of the country’s 4.5 million people in need of humanitarian aid, especially those who are displaced, will receive what they need to have shelter, food, clean water, healthcare, and the other necessities for a dignified life.

I pray that youth will be able to safely attend schools, and that young adults will safely be able to attend colleges. I pray that less schools will be forced to be closed due to violence.

I pray for a greatly reduced infant mortality rate in the country. I pray that there will be adequate healthcare to reduce the saddening fact that 1 in 24 babies in the country die the day that they are born.

I pray for a near end to war in Yemen. I pray that however unlikely it may seem, the warring factions will seek peace with each other for the sake of the common person who is suffering so much.

I pray that those displaced by war will be able to find adequate shelter and the necessities of life will be provided for them. I pray that the injured will heal fully and quickly and that those traumatized by what they’ve experienced will encounter the peace of Christ.

I pray that the approximately 8 million Yemenis at risk of immediate starvation will receive the food they need. I pray that You will save and preserve the life of each person at risk of death from starvation, severe acute malnutrition, cholera, or diphtheria until they can receive the medical attention they need.

I pray that unimpeded aid and trade will be allowed to enter into and travel throughout the entire country. I pray especially that healthcare workers and facilities will no longer be targeted or attacked.

I pray that you will welcome into Heaven those who are dying for the sake of the suffering that they have endured at the end of their life.

I pray for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, that You will spare them from the potential devastation of landslides, flooding, and rapid spread of diseases that could happen as a result of the impending monsoon season.

I pray for conditions to change so that there camps will have sufficient housing, sanitation, food, clean water, healthcare, and counseling to support each person. I pray that as a result of such changes, the refugee camps will no longer be a breeding groups for potentially deadly diseases like diphtheria.

I pray especially for pregnant Rohingya women and new mothers, that they will receive the care they need to have and raise healthy babies. I pray that even though potentially thousands of them were impregnated by rape at the time of their persecution in Myanmar, they will be encouraged to have their babies instead of getting abortions.

I pray that each of the Rohingya will encounter the peace of Christ in Christian aid workers.

I pray that in Myanmar where the Rohingya are from, the lies being spread in the media demonizing them and portraying them as illegal immigrants and terrorists will be dispelled by the truth.

Notes and Explanations

The Central African Republic has been facing civil conflict between various armed groups since 2013. The legacy of French colonialism is very prevalent in the country. 80% of the country is under the control of rebel groups. Half of the country’s estimated 4.5 million people are in need of humanitarian aid.

Violence is plaguing the country. Almost 700,000 people are internally displaced.

The Central African Republic has an extremely high infant mortality rate, with 1 in 24 children dying the day of their birth. There is only one pediatric hospital in the country, in the capital, Bangui.

One third of children in the country are not attending school because of the conflict. Less than 2% of the young adult population attends a college or university, compared to 26% in the rest of the world.

Yemen has been facing a civil war featuring international powers since 2014. Tens of thousands, and potential over 100,000 people have been killed. As in many wars, the majority of deaths are of civilians.

Diphtheria is a potentially deadly disease that people in many countries are vaccinated against. Yemen and Myanmar are not among those countries.

The Rohingya are Muslim ethnic group that has been fleeing persecuting perpetrated by the military in Buddhist-majority Myanmar since August. Over 700,000 refugees have entered neighboring Bangladesh.

Part of the persecution involved massive amounts of gang-rape. Now about 7 months later, many Rohingya women are pregnant and will soon have babies. Unfortunately many of them are seeking abortions, and they are being provided with these operations by certain aid organizations, including MSF/Doctor Without Borders.

Conditions in Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh are reported as being atrocious, leading to a spread of preventable sicknesses and diseases, which has caused many deaths.

In Myanmar the media and public opinion condemns the Rohingya as terrorist and illegal immigrants, even claiming that they burned down their own homes and blamed it on the government.

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