Prayers to End Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking—022 

Join me today in prayers regarding modern day slavery in India and Ghana, and cybersex trafficking in the Philippines. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am a Catholic passionate about justice for the poor. Today’s prayers are inspired by International Justice Mission.

I pray for International Justice Mission’s Media Relations Officer in Bangalore, India, that because of their work, the media will report on and make known slavery in their city, region, and country. I pray that the public, once informed, will not be indifferent, rather they will rally the government to take action to protect and benefit the common poor.

I pray that as a result of public pressure, the government will incite reforms to rid its law enforcement and criminal justice systems of corruption. I pray that police will be well-trained to prevent, stop, and investigate crime, and to treat victims with respect.

I pray for there to be police units dedicated to human trafficking, to searching for where people are being enslaved and conducting operations to free them. I pray that there will be so many arrests and convictions of traffickers that criminals will stop trafficking and enslaving people because they know they can no longer get away with it.

I pray that each person, once freed, will be fully rehabilitated back to a regular and purposeful life, and that they will experience the love of Jesus.

I pray that India’s government will work heavily to educate its poor on their legal rights and the schemes of traffickers.

I pray for the end of child slavery in Lake Volta’s fishing industry in Ghana in four years. I pray for the success of Ghana’s police to rescue boys. I pray that there will be so many arrests and convictions of perpetrators that within the next four years they will release their captives because they know they can no longer get away with it.

I pray that each boy, once freed, will be able to return to loving families and communities and attend school, play sports, and do all the things that a regular boy does.

I pray that cybersex trafficking (live-streamed sex abuse of children) in the Philippines will be greatly reduced as a result of a decrease in demand for it. I pray that foreign viewers will see the disgust and wickedness of their sins and repent.

I pray that police forces in the Philippines will be well equipped to find children who are trapped and arrest the perpetrators. I pray that there will be so many arrest and convictions that criminals will stop harming people in this way.

I pray for the end of slavery and human trafficking worldwide in 19 years (in 2017 I prayed for it in 20 years).

Notes and Explanations

Today’s prayers are inspired by the work of International Justice Mission and the book by their founder, Gary Haugen. The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence is the basis of my reasoning behind how these injustices and evils can be extinguished.

The book explains through examples that impunity, a lack of consequences for crimes, can be overturned over time through reforms and actions demanded by public pressure. Public pressure and demand has an incredible potential to stop injustices in a society, especially if the government does not presently do much to stop them.

Cybersex trafficking is sex abuse of children live-streamed to paying viewers internationally. The viewers can direct the abuse. It is a tragic manifestation of modern technology being used to harm the vulnerable.

Child slavery is a big deal in the fishing industry on Lake Volta in Ghana. Boys are prized for their small hands being able to untangle nets within the lake. Lake Volta is manmade and trees are all around the bottom of the lake, protruding through the surface. This means that fishing nets are often caught on them. Many boys die by becoming tangled in the nets and drowning. Watch this video to learn more.

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