Prayers for the End of Rape, Cybersex Trafficking, and Gender Based Violence—019 

Join me today in prayers regarding rape, cybersex trafficking, and other forms of sexual and gender-based violence. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am passionate about justice for the poor and the protection of women from violence.

I pray for the end of rape, that men will see the wickedness of their sins, the dignity of each person, and the loving suffering of Jesus for them, and repent.

I pray that each victim will experience the restorative power of Jesus in their lives. I pray that victims will be able to access resources and therapists to help them cope with what has happened to them.

I pray that each victim will be treated with gentleness and never blamed in encounters and reporting what has happened to them with police.

I pray that in countries where men can rape and sexually abuse women and children with impunity (a lack of legal consequences), reforms will be made within the law enforcement and criminal justice systems to end impunity.

I pray for the end of property grabbing in rural Uganda in three years, that women will be respected as landowners.

I pray that men who don’t respect women’s rights to own property and steal or attempt to steal their land will face the penalty of the law. I pray that as a result of more convictions against property grabbers, men will stop harming women in this way knowing that they can no longer get away with it.

I pray for the end of cybersex trafficking in the Philippines. I pray that both Filipino perpetrators and foreign viewers will see the disgust of their deeds and repent. I pray that the disgust of foreign viewers directing children’s sexual abuse via webcam will end the demand for it.

I pray for a very active police presence to ending cybersex trafficking, to find where it is being conducted, to free the children and arrest, convict, and imprison the perpetrators. I pray that so many perpetrators will see the punishment of the law that other criminals will stop harming people in this way because they can no longer get away with it.

I pray that worldwide, women and girls will be educated on the techniques that people use to lure them into sex trafficking so that they can avoid being deceived into the trap.

I pray that customers of prostitution will see the wickedness of their sins, the abuse and violent nature of those institutions, and repent, ending the demand.

I pray for the end of female genital mutilation, that men will see the wickedness of their sins and repent.

I pray that workers in the airline industry and airports will be well-trained to recognize trafficking victims.

Notes and Explanations

Much of today’s prayers are inspired by the work of International Justice Mission, which works to protect the poor from violence in 17 countries.

The end of impunity and the establishment of rule of law is a vital part of ending rape, but as is seen in the United States, the enforcement of laws forbidding rape do not stop everything. That’s why I pray that men will see the wickedness of their sins and repent, which is to turn away from their sins and towards a life of following Jesus.

Property grabbing is very common in rural Uganda, as well as other countries. When women’s husbands die, their land is often stolen by relatives and neighbors who do not respect their legal right to its ownership. Part of this is due to traditional customs in which women could not own land. Learn more about property grabbing in this video.

Cybersex trafficking is live-streamed sex abuse directed by paying viewers internationally. It is a tragic manifestation of modern technology being used to abuse people. Most of the victims are young children and it is very prevalent in the Philippines. Learn more about cybersex trafficking in the following video.

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