Pray for an End to Sexual Violence— 013

Pray with me today for victims of sexual and gender-based violence. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I am a Catholic who is passionate about justice for the poor.

I pray for the end of rape, that men will see the wickedness of their sins, the dignity of each person, and the loving suffering of Jesus for them, and repent.

I pray that each victim will experience the restorative power of Jesus. I pray that each victim will be treated with gentleness and never blamed in reporting what has happened to them to police.

I pray also for the end of domestic violence, that wicked men will repent.

I pray for the end of impunity (a lack of legal consequences) for rapists in Kenya, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, that they will no longer be able to harm people without consequences.

I pray that the millions of women enslaved and raped many times daily will be freed. Have mercy on them Lord. I pray that in each country, there will be massive public demand for justice for the vulnerable, forcing law enforcement and criminal justice systems to enforce laws against sexual exploitation.

I pray for the end of cybersex trafficking in the Philippines, that foreign viewers will see the wickedness and disgust of their sins and that their demand for this will end. I pray that the shutting down of consumers will reduce the amount of children exploited.

I pray that the Filipino police will be dedicated to searching for where children are being exploited and then conduct operations to free them and capture the perpetrators.

I pray for the end of female genital mutilation, that men will see the wickedness of their sins and repent.

I pray that workers in the airline industry and airports will be well-trained to recognize trafficking victims.

I pray that worldwide, there will ultimately be so many perpetrators convicted and imprisoned that criminals will stop harming the vulnerable.

Notes and Explanations

Much of today’s prayers are inspired by the work of International Justice Mission, which works to protect the poor from violence in 17 countries.

The six countries I named are known for their lack of impunity (legal consequences) for rapists. The end of impunity and the establishment of rule of law is a vital part of ending rape, but as is seen in the United States, the enforcement of laws forbidding rape do not stop everything. That’s why I pray that men will see the wickedness of their sins and repent, which is to turn away from their sins and towards a life of following Jesus.

Cybersex trafficking is live-streamed sex abuse directed by paying viewers internationally. It is a tragic manifestation of modern technology being used to abuse people. Most of the victims are young children and it is very prevalent in the Philippines. Watch a short film about it below.

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