Pray for Victims of Human Trafficking and Sexual Violence—005 

Join me today in prayers regarding ending human trafficking and sexual violence. My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk and I’m a Catholic who is passionate about praying for those who are suffering and justice for the poor.

I pray for the end of rape, that men will see the wickedness of their sins, the dignity of each person, and the loving sufferings of Jesus for them, and repent.

I pray that each victim will experience the restorative power of Jesus. I pray that each victim will be treated with gentleness and never blamed for what happened to them in encounters with police.

I pray for the end of impunity for rapist and sexual violence perpetrators in Guatemala, Kenya, Bolivia, Peru, India, and the Dominican Republic, that those who harm others will be convicted of their crimes and imprisoned.

I pray for the end of cybersex trafficking in the Philippines, that foreign viewers will be so disgusted by their deeds that there will no longer be any demand for it, and that perpetrators will be caught, convicted, and imprisoned.

I pray that in each country where men can rape, assault, and abuse people without consequences, rule of law will prevail so that perpetrators can no longer get away with it and will stop their evil deeds.

I pray for the Media Relations Officer at the International Justice Mission office in Bangalore, India, that because of their work the media in Bangalore will report on the reality of modern day slavery in their city, region, and country.

I pray that the public, once informed, will not be indifferent, rather that they will gather and rally the government to take action to protect and benefit the common poor.

I pray that India’s government will reform itself under the weight of public pressure to rid its law enforcement and criminal justice systems of corruptions so that criminals do not get away with their crimes.

I pray that police will be well trained to prevent, stop, and investigate crime, and to treat victims with respect. I pray for there to be police units in every city in India devoted to human trafficking, searching for where people are being enslaved and conducting operations to free them.

I pray that there will be so many arrest and convictions of perpetrators that criminals will stop trafficking and enslaving people because they know they can no longer get away with it.

I pray that each person, once freed, will be fully rehabilitated back to a regular, purposeful life and experience the love of Jesus.

I pray that India’s government will work to educate its poor, especially in rural areas, on their legal rights and the schemes of traffickers.

I pray for the end of the slavery of boys in the fishing industry on Lake Volta in Ghana in four years. I pray that there will be so many arrests and convictions of perpetrators that criminals who continue to enslave boys on the lake will stop because they will likely get caught.

I pray that in travel industries workers will be trained to spot and report suspected trafficking victims.

I pray for the end of slavery worldwide in 19 years.

Notes and Explanations

I believe that ultimately human sinfulness is at fault for one person taking advantage of another, sexually or exploiting them as laborers.

Today’s prayers were inspired by the work and intentions of International Justice Mission (IJM).

Rule of law, meaning that people who commit crimes cannot get away with it and are punished, is nonexistent in many countries with regards to rape and sexual violence. The countries I mentioned by name are known for their lack of holding perpetrators of sexual crimes accountable.

Cybersex trafficking is sex abuse live streamed from other countries to primarily American and Western viewers. The paying viewer can direct the abuse how they wish. It is a disgusting manifestation of technology being used to harm vulnerable people, mostly children. It is very prevalent in the Phillipines. You can learn about it in this short film from IJM.

I received a prayer card for the Media Relations Officer at IJM Bangalore at IJM’s conference, the Global Prayer Gathering, in March 2017. Through their speakers and through reading the most recent book of IJM founder Gary Haugen, The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence, I came to understand the powerful way that public pressure and demand can bring change to reform governments and therefore reduce crime and its victims.

Lake Volta is a man made lake in Ghana created by a dam, and is home to thousands of elementary aged boys enslaved in its fishing industry. They are valued for their ability to swim down and untangle nets with their small hands. This leads to many of them drowning. Learn more about child slavery on Lake Volta in this video.

In 2017 I prayed for the end of slavery worldwide in 20 years. Now its 2018 so I’m praying for the end of slavery worldwide in 20 years.

Browse my feed and join me tomorrow (hopefully) for more prayers!

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