Pray for an End to Rape, Slavery, and Human Trafficking —002

My name is Fouad Abou-Rizk. I’m a Catholic passionate about international crisis relief and justice for the poor. Today I invite you to pray with me regarding rape, forced labor slavery, and violence perpetrated by police.

I pray for the end of rape, that men will see the wickedness of theirs sins, the dignity of each person, and the loving suffering of Jesus for them, and repent.

I pray that each victim will experience the restorative power of Jesus. I pray that in encounters with police each victim will be treated with gentleness and never blamed for what was done to them.

I pray for the Media Relations Officer at International Justice Mission’s office in Bangalore, India, that because of their work the media will make known the reality of modern day slavery.

I pray that the public, once informed, will not be indifferent, rather that they will gather and rally the government to take action. I pray that the government will begin reforms to benefit and protect the common poor from violence. I pray that the government will rid its law enforcement and criminal justice systems of corruption.

I pray that police will be well trained to prevent, stop, and investigate crime, and to treat victims with respect. I pray for there to be a police unit dedicated to human trafficking (there may be already), to searching for where people are being enslaved and conducting operations to free them and arrest the perpetrators.

I pray that there will be so many arrest and convictions against perpetrators that criminals will stop trafficking and enslaving people because they know that they can no longer get away with it.

I pray that each victim will be fully rehabilitated back to a regular life and that they will experience the love of Jesus. I pray that this will occur in every city in India. I pray that India’s government will work to educate its poor on their legal rights and the schemes of traffickers.

Notes & Explanations

I believe that rule of law, meaning people who commit crimes cannot get away with it and must face the consequences, can reduce the most heinous crimes to a small frequency, including rape. However, as seen in the United States, rule of law cannot ultimately stop rape and sexual assault.

I believe that violence ultimately is a result of sin, and that the repentance (turning away from sins and towards God) of those who commit violence is necessary. I believe rape is the most heinous crime one person can commit against another, except for abortion, as it causes the victim not only physical harm, but permanent mental and emotional harm.

My explanation for the model of elimination of forced labor slavery in cities in India is based on what I have learned from International Justice Mission through their 2017 international conference, the Global Prayer Gathering, and through a book by their founder Gary Haugen titled The Locust Effect: Why the End of Poverty Requires the End of Violence.

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